At Noyes Automotive we offer many varied and numerous parts such as flat glass
power windows, 40 lbs door pop motors, keyless entry, stereos and Dakota Digital
Instruments, you can contact us at,                                            
Services We Provide

Noyes Automotive Electric provides services to the classic car industry and after
market electrical field. We install and upgrade original and after market electrical
wiring assemblies, install flat glass power windows, install shaved door handle door
poppers and Keyless entry, provide control wiring for GM crate type fuel injection,
diagnose problems and repair, and install alarms and audio video systems.
We can also build and install special application wiring for unusual vehicles such as
top drive hunting vehicles that need to be started and stopped from the top drive
Noyes Automotive Electric is NOW offering sales
and installation of Dakota Digital Instrument Clusters
for most performance vehicles, these clusters are  
reliable and can solve problems of limited space to
install gauges on your dash.
1969 Chevrolet Camaro "Silver Spur", Owned by the
Spurs "Silver and Black Give Back" Foundation and
Larry Mills and Family.  
Built by Renown Auto